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Don’t mean to be a bummer bitch but to be honest, I feel that a lot of people who “love” each other, are just infatuated.

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I’m drunk again in Claremont with ma gurl Steph

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I’m drunk as di k safe me? Hahaha iN in Claremont bitches come one me? Oh gos this is awesome

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I miss my baby. 😢
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I miss my baby. 😢

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If it hurts, don’t hide it.
If you are sad, cry.
If you feel alone, talk to something or write.
If you miss someone, tell them.
If you feel like you’re not ready, don’t pretend to be.
It’s about you, not anybody else.
If you’re not okay, you’re not okay.
Don’t force yourself to be anything when you’re not ready because in the long run, it’s still there.
If it takes months, then so be it.
Get closure, get whatever you need to feel better.
Just don’t let it ruin you.

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